Karaoke Coffee Club

The Karaoke Coffee Club is our longest running (since 1996) and most attended weekly program. Every Wednesday night, the doors of Central City open and the members of the Skid Row community participate in an evening of Karaoke, coffee, and snacks.

The Karaoke Coffee Club is a unique space within which our community cultivates dignity, laughter, and safe spaces where hospitality breeds radical friendships. Our work in the Karaoke Coffee Club is about building an inclusive community that moves towards reconciliation in our community. It has been on hiatus due to COVID-19 but will be starting soon.

Weekly the Karaoke Coffee Club works to builds friendships within our neighborhood; often, it also works to build friendships between neighborhoods, as we have welcomed many groups from outside of Skid Row to join us, sing, and make friends with members of our community.

All are welcome to join us any Wednesday evening from 7-10pm. And we are always looking for groups to prepare a meal for Karaoke!

Parish Chaplaincy

The Parish Chaplaincy program constitutes the heart of our work on Skid Row. Drawing on a “parish” model, we have designed our work to focus on the particular geographical space of our neighborhood. In short, we seek to simply be present in our neighborhood by “seeking the peace” of the city through collaborative partnerships and inclusion.

Specifically, beyond maintaining a presence in the community, the Parish Chaplaincy program functions in two critical capacities:

1. To provide dignity and support for individuals and families that are seeking to transition out of homelessness. We work closely with program participants, case managers, social and mental health workers from local organizations to help sustain a holistic and long-term plan for housing sustainability.

2. To collaborate with the grassroots reconciliation efforts of individuals and communities in our neighborhood toward a more just and peaceful community.

Want to Help?

Central City Community Outreach walks alongside individuals and families in the Skid Row community, together breaking the cycle of poverty by working towards reconciliation, justice, and renewal. You can help! Please consider volunteering with our organization or making a financial donation. Every little bit helps.