Get Involved

Make an Impact

There are current three main ways for your group to partner with Central City Community Outreach. However, we are always open to volunteers who want to contribute to our community in unique and skillful ways!!

Serve Dinner and Cultivate Community at the Karaoke Coffee Club

Prior to the pandemic, we played host to between 100-200 members from the Skid Row community each Wednesday. Our focus has been cultivating community and a safe space, which is always most effectively done across a table.

We seek groups that will be willing to visit us on one or multiple Wednesday nights, to provide a simple meal to share with visitors to our Karaoke Coffee Club. Again, we plan to start this up again in the near future.

Listening, Learning, and Service Trips

Every year at Central City we welcome groups from around the world to visit us and experience out work on Skid Row. These groups consist of youth, college, and intergenerational groups who come to listen, learn, and serve. While we are deeply concerned about recent trends in “poverty tourism” that sustains what Robert Lithicum calls “toxic charity,” we seek to provide spaces for transformational relationships between those from different geographical, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Our hope is that your visit to CCCO will be an opportunity to listen to and learn from the members of our community, while also help to contribute to a collective effort to impact our neighborhood.

Fiscal Partnerships

As a small community-based organization, we rely heavily on monthly and yearly church and individual partnerships to sustain our presence in Skid Row. However, we seek true partnerships with corporate and individual donors that extend beyond mere financial transaction to working together as partners in working among the most vulnerable (and perhaps the most creative) members of society.

Many of our regular partners visit us regularly to see, experience, and be changed by the members of our community.